YUM Spine Craw

    The YUM Spine Craw is built for speed with a compact body and a tight, rapid movement through the water. The 3.75-inch craw features angled appendages along the body that serve two purposes. First, they displace more water. Secondly, they slow the Spine Craw’s descent through the water column - which allows anglers to use a heavier weight when flipping for more accuracy. But the Spine Craw isn’t just a flipping bait, it works as a trailer and can be Texas or Carolina rigged.




    Cotton Cordell Tail Weighted Boy Howdy

    The Cotton Cordell Tail Weighted Boy Howdy sits vertically in the water with the tail down when at rest. When you jerk the rod tip, it jumps forward and spits water like a fleeing shad or wounded minnow. It's designed to be fished slowly, to maximize time in the strike zone. No. 4 short-shank trebles maximize sticking power when fish strike.



    Arbogast Jointed Jitterbug 2.0

    The Arbogast Jointed Jitterbug is an iconic lure. The Jointed Jitterbug 2.0 builds upon that legacy. A lower pull-point ensures an intense action in the water, which leads to more heart-stopping blowups. Updated hook hangers allow free movement of hooks to not slow down forward momentum, while the black-nickel finish hides them from the wary eyes of the fish you’re targeting. The feathered rear treble drifts when the lure is stopped for extra strike-inducing movement.



    Bandit Generator - Chrome Series

    Having a bait that flashes like chrome and adding vibrant colors that illuminate using glow sticks gives the angler the best of both. Designed in mind for low light conditions and dirty water is exactly where this bait excels. We have found through testing and fishing it performs just as well in clear water. Glow sticks are not required for the bait to run true and perform correctly. So it’s no problem if you run out of glow sticks.







    Bandit B-Rotan

    The Bandit B-Rotan is the perfect hybrid of the successful Walleye Deep and Shallow series. It features a more pronounced wobble on the retrieve, and has two separate rattle chambers outfitted with steel rattles for increased sound. When cast it reaches 8-10 feet, and when trolled it dives to 16 feet. Available in a wide range of colors perfect for multiple species of gamefish.




    BOOYAH XCS Series

    BOOYAH Bait Co. has brought back the legendary XCS series in two different sizes. This silent square lip series, wobbles and semi-rolls to show its flash and the color patterns with etched scales seal the deal on shallow-feeding bass. The hooks ride up against the body to reduce snags, and the square lip lets you “bump and run” through cover to catch the big ones.



    Heddon Slopenose

    In 1902, James Heddon patented the Dowagiac Perfect Surface Casting Bait, which anglers quickly dubbed “the Slopenose” due to appearance given by the metal ring near the front of the lure. More than 118 years later, the Slopenose returns to action. It can be fished as a popper, chugger or stickbait. The Slopenose can walk-the-dog and do a more subtle movement where the head moves left and right, but the lure stays on a straight-line retrieve.





    Norman Speed N

    Scoring two Top 10 finishes in the 2020 Bassmaster Classic, the Norman Lures Speed N Crankbait is the perfect bait to help you land some trophy Bass. The design of this lure helps it to excel in submerged vegetation. The tight wobble and aggressive pitch and roll created by the Speed N capture the focus of those big Bass hiding in the deep and entice them into striking. A gel coating along the body of the lure adds a layer of protection, extending the life of your lure.





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